The energy center of liberty

May 19. 2009


I wrote an  article about the solar plexus in German which I have not yet translated. Parts of the information can be found in the article “Believe Systems” and also in the “Healing course”. Here I have not exactly translated the German article, but translated and reorganized. The information doesn’t come from any book. It is mainly the result of my research including some information of a clairvoyant friend of mine, which I could confirm as being correct.



I begin with the story about . .


The miraculous healing of my solar-plexus



I can remember that I had pain in my solar-plexus for months. I believe it was a whole year. The situation was as follows: In 1992 I had already given up my job in the electronic industry and had moved back into my own small apartment in the north of Munich in order to save the rent I paid before in a more expensive apartment. In this place I now wanted to start healing. However, I could not open any official practice. That was not allowed because I had no license to heal. So that people now should become aware on me, I drafted a flier that I distributed in my village.


Great success. Police came into my apartment and started a search and some time later, I had to pay over thousand marks of penalty. I was furious, frustrated and helpless.


Someday later, I had decided to do a course for healing-practicians in order to be able to work officially. I was not enthusiastic. I also was not particularly interested, however, I tried to listen in order to pass the examination. I was there about one year, I believe. I’ve had pain in my solar-plexus quiet some time and during the course it became ever stronger, as if a piece of iron was in there. I disliked the course more and more and I began to think about new possibilities for my future.


A consideration was to move to Tyrol in North-Italy where healing was allowed without license. On a weekend, I just went there to see the area. It was beautiful, splendid weather, beautiful area, beautiful little houses. At one house that I liked, I stopped and imagined my future there. I had a vision how grandmas and grandpas came along expecting a healing from me. I did not like this at all.


On the way home, I thought much about it. I did not like at all the idea to heal people by the dozen from any afflictions. And also did not like the idea of healing a lot of old people, who don't have much interest to change. However, I wanted to work with people, that like me want to change and want to progress. That now became ever clearer for me. I wanted to find young people. I wanted to offer seminars. I needed a seminar-room. I also wanted to heal people but in the foreground stood my message, namely to show, how to heal and to demonstrate the real backgrounds of illness.


On the trip home I decided, I’ll stop school, look for suitable room for me and start. At this moment, the iron fell out of my stomach. Over one year of pain found an end and never came back.


The effect of this liberation of my solar-plexus brought immediate results. For example I had already signed and paid the contract for the second school year. The date, to get out of the contract, was already over. But without any problem my contract was deleted and my money was returned to me. This doesn't yet sound very remarkable, but another student, who wanted to give notice one day before, was not released from his contract.


Now, I required an apartment with large rooms in Munich. I didn't have much hope to find something affordable, which corresponded to my needs. But the unbelievable happened. I found exactly the right one in shortest time, in the middle of Munich and incredibly affordable. I installed a sign outside with the writing: <Practical application of spiritual energies>. This was part of my message and it didn’t say a word about healing. More and more people came and a successful time followed.


End of the story



The most important function of the solar-plexus energy center (chakra) is to be a guide, a compass, as my story demonstrated. Our most fundamental intentions that come from the soul-level are stored in the SP. We could call it “God’s will”, but I prefer to call it “my soul’s will”. And it is not even wrong to call it "my will", because it is the most important part of the “self”. It is not a will you have to find somewhere outside. You don’t have to ask “higher spirits” what God wants you to do. There does not exist anything “higher” than those intensions inside your SP. This is soooo important to understand. Of course there are beings with unbelievable abilities. There might be beings, so big that we might not be able to understand their existence. But they all have to respect our inner will.


Imagine, what authority, what self-confidence you could feel, when you know that there is nothing and nobody in the whole universe you have to ask for permission! There is no higher authority. The highest authority is already inside of you.


Of course, dark beings have done a lot in the last couple of thousand of years to hide this information from us and to fill our SP with wrong programs (besides fear, pain and humiliation). This is the main reason why so many religions, sects and secret societies invented high energetic initiation rituals to bind the SP of the newcomer to the agenda of the group. The (mainly dark) spirits behind those groups and even the leaders of the group have access to the SP of the group member for a long time coming up, through many lifetimes, till some gifted person is able to detect this and to delete the ritual’s energies.


Having deleted many initiation rituals and oaths, I highly recommend to not bind yourself to any group or any spirit. Former group-memberships is the most common factor that overwrites your will with alien intensions. It is easy to overwrite your will, if you allow it. And you allowed it because you believed in external authorities.


This brings us to the point, that we have to be “self-centered” or “egocentric”. That’s different to “egoistic”. To be self-centered means that your SP is freed from alien intensions and your brain has learned to listen to your SP. Your decisions are in accordance with the intensions of your soul and that makes your actions powerful. To be self-centered does not mean you don’t care about other people. This can never be an intension of your soul.


There is something more to understand. If your SP is free and you follow your inner will, this doesn’t mean sacrifice. May be you give up some things you have never needed anyhow. But it won’t be sacrifice. It’s contrary: It’s fulfilling, it’s joy, it’s happiness. God’s will = your soul’s will = your will does not want suffering.



Healers and Clairvoyants should have a functioning solar-plexus.

If not, the spirits will do with them what they want.

And they will do the same with their patients/clients.


Therefore you cannot be only a tool. You are the tool and the master. My most severe disagreement with most spiritual teachings is here. Religiously oriented healers and the Reiki-Clan think I’m nuts. But they fell in the trap of an ancient reptilian mind-control: Stop being yourself (because you are shit) and let something “higher” come in. And 'something higher' can only come from the outside. Or from above? But never from inside, right? It can’t be that God is already inside of me? No, I must open myself first, so I can be  manipulated.


And nothing can go wrong on that occasion because I said, only God or divine energies shall act through me. Do you think, if you write “God” on a box, God is inside? It might be hard to believe, but most spirits unscrupulously pretend to be God.


Another point: A carpenter can be proud of a piece of furniture and you can be proud of your healing success. False modesty, that some religiously oriented healers like to show, only creates perversion and bends his solar-plexus. Because, of course, he would be pleased if his work is acknowledged, what would be quite normal, but he must attribute everything to God. The only way out for him is to be proud of his humility. This then is usually emphasized exaggeratedly. I am not joking about this, I only describe the dilemma. I believe that the human being needs success, about which he can be pleased quite personally.

For me and my solar-plexus, it always was especially important to strengthen the belief in my own healing power. So, using aids for my belief was principally weakening. I didn't want to become dependent on an utensil-suitcase. And if one steals it, I can’t heal? I never wanted a prepared room or particular music and also no preparatory meditation before a session. If I get the feeling, that I need this, it weakens me. Understand? But this is applicable only to me. That must be no guideline for you.