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Food for thought


1. The human being is good in principle
2.  Purpose of the incarnations

Basic principle: Divine freedom - Luziferian hierarchy


Former protection-rituals block healing-processes


Human sacrifice for a God

6. Public executions

Old contracts with the reptilians

8. Knees



Existence before the first incarnation




1. The human being is good in principle


            Soon after I had started with healing, I had the feeling that only superfluous things has to be taken out of people so that something clean, beautiful remains at the end. By no means I wanted to program something into people because this can later appear again as blockade. For many years now, this principle confirms itself at my healing-sessions. 


Due to my previous perceptions, there is not any originally evil soul. Nevertheless a human being can be born with much wickedness, what he/she acquired, however, in a past life. (therefore children are not automatically innocent). I believe, evil forces originated (as, where and why is not relevant here) in a level outside of human souls, and these forces found their way into human souls through deception above all.


An important tool for that was to separate people from their empathetic abilities, that means, from the ability to sense another human being, through what one doesn’t feel the pain no more, that one inflicts in others. This separation of the feelings, was created by all sorts of manipulation by dark beings, concentrating the consciousness of  people into the head. It was just as important to reduce the ability of perception of the people in order to be able to be successful with deceptions.


Important, to know, is, that a human being with a human soul is good in principle. However, there are reptilians and other dark beings in human-bodies with complete absence of a human soul. Here, the statement is not valid of course. Most people consist of a mixture from originally good qualities and evil influences, that were instilled into them in the course of their incarnations.


From my basic idea the original good, maybe one can understand that I reject all healing techniques, that press something into a human being or bind him to something. Inauguration-rituals are a deception of the dark forces, for example. Whoever understood this - congratulation.

2.  Purpose of the incarnations


People, that employ themselves with reincarnation, think about it of course, what the whole thing might be good for. So for example, says the well known reincarnation-therapist, Brian Weiss and many other esoteric people, the purpose is to learn love. Here, I can only say: That is a case of "Mindcontrol!" Brian Weiss actually would have to know it better, but I believe that miscellaneous spiritual-religious educations don't admit any other result. Nobody probably also dares to say something new in this area in principle. So, I probably have to do it:


To learn about love is definitely a topic. But it is only one topic of many. First, it must become clear that the opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is fear. Fear keeps us away from being affectionate. Whoever is really free of fear broadcasts love and passes it onto others. You can never gain freedom of fear in a condition of impotence. We therefore need also power, at least over our own life. Whoever also wants to keep the power over his life must be damned smart. The ability, to recognize the truth, and much experience with it is necessary in order to recognize the ploys of the dark side and to demur.


Therefore I would say that the purpose of our incarnations is to become a free individual, not tied to a human-body, but, with the possibility to be in it, and equipped with a mass of great (paranormal) abilities, braced against all tricks of unloving beings. The freedom of fear of such a being keeps him automatically in an affectionate condition so that love doesn't have to be talked about as a topic any more. In such a being, "divine" creativity can unfold in unlimited form what could be one important sense of existence.


Now don’t nail me at this statement. It’s food for thoughts.


3. Basic principle: Divine freedom - Luziferian hierarchy


What is good? What is evil? Are the religions divine in principle and therefore good? Now, if you read, what the reptilians and the NWO want maybe you’ll find an answer. The reptilians through the Illuminati, Zionists etc want to introduce the luziferian religion. This religion is a purely hierarchical structure, that is based on absolute obedience. Individuality is forbidden. Reptilians live in a collective-consciousness and enslaved the alien-grays  into the same consciousness. We should be the next, to  hand over our individuality.


Another characteristic of the reptilians and of the beings and humans, that joined them, is, that they must live from the life-energy of others, because they are cut-off from the source, and they must lead a parasite-existence.


So we could conclude that "divine" means something like "individual freedom" with unlimited connection to the life-energy, right? Under this point of view you can look at  different teachings and religions. If someone says "you can be saved only in a certain way”, disowned against the individual freedom. For me this belongs to the luziferian bag of tricks. Also religions that demand obedience, should vanish from the planet soon.


Individual freedom, to be really free and to fulfill your wishes and additionally know, that God is pleased about it, wouldn’t this be a big relief? I think it is not possibly that a God creates beings to obey him and admire him? Wouldn’t this be an act of masturbation? If you create beings, so that they should praise you, I would say you are sick. Psychologists would analyze: "heavy ego-problems." But do you think for a God, this is normal? The word "worship" alone is already absurd.


Whoever is really free (probably nobody on the planet at the moment) has no need to cause damage. If he grants himself his wishes, this will be creative and will have an enriching effect on his surroundings. The most inner wishes and intents are somehow of "divine" origin anyway. Therefore we really don't need to be afraid of our freedom.



Former protection-rituals block healing-processes


There might always be patients where a healer just can’t do anything. Simply nothing happens. There is certainly a lot of reasons for it and protection-rituals from bygone lives (and of course also from this life) can be a reason.


Mostly we forget this possibility because a protection-ritual is something positive for the human being. But an energetic protection must be deleted someday because it hinders the natural flow of  energies. If it is a real good protection, and it has never been deleted, then it is still active in the following life and, as we usually don’t remember what we have done in past lives this protection remains and remains.


Of course you are still protected from something, but you wander around, somewhat heavily in a knight-armament - and with contact-problems. Life can appear a little boring because you are cut-off from some things. Therefore think about this possibility while healing!  


5. Human sacrifices for a God

Whoever once was sacrificed to a "God" with big likelihood will have a lot of problems in the current life and probably even in bygone lives. Although the people were sacrificed officially to a God, the rite essentially was a satanic ritual with magic strengths of topmost intensity. The God, whom one can practically always identify as reptilian, installs a whole number of bracings in the chakras and energies of the person during the ritual. Through

 these anchors, the reptilian provides itself with energy. The human being turns into a battery for an evil creature.


These bracings are foreseen to last forever and accordingly they behave fractious if somebody wants to dissolve them. Additionally, such a person attracts black-magicians, over which the reptilian tries to freshen his access in the miscellaneous lives of this soul. One can give a solace to these people: Their energies are certainly very valuable, because otherwise the reptilian would not have chosen this human being. If they succeed to free themselves, they will be able to do very much with their energies.


6. Public executions

I would like to accentuate a point here; an effect, that is still to be heeded beside the execution-trauma. This publicly executed subject automatically gets into the position of a scapegoat. This happened especially strong when a witch was burned.


It can be understood easily if somebody is declared a witch or a warlock in a medieval place then many people believe, that all their problems of the last years were brought into the village from this person's dark strengths. The tendency of the people not to look for causes within themselves can now be satisfied giving all the blame is to the executed person.


What happens energetically on that occasion is glaring. Masses of negative energies of the spectators are pushed across to the witch during the execution. Furthermore, dark spirits use the opportunity to place their anchors. All together, a repulsive process.


During a healing session, these foreign energies can be in the way. The foreign energies are interested, so to speak, that the person's trauma remains so that they don't jump back to the original owner of these negative energies. I determined furthermore that such blockades that come from other people must be recognized as such. If you try to remove them like a blockade of the patient, this usually fails.


Healing public executions therefore requires to look for caught blockades of the spectators. Sometimes, the dissolution of the trauma is not possible before this has happened.




Old contracts with the reptilians


It is a usual tactic of the reptilians, to navigate a human being into a hopeless situation and then to offer a rescue, with which one in the literal sense “sells his soul”. Of course the deal is not presented so obviously that one recognizes straight away on what one gets involved there.


I believe that in the next years, some could be confronted with either starving together with his family, or to accept an offer, to work as a spy for the illuminati. There were similar and worse extortion-contracts in our past. It was about survival and we used every possibility.


But essentially all contracts with reptilians are based on deceit (just as also now disastrous circumstances are produced by deceit) and extortion. Something like this can’t be a valid contract. That is as if I sign something through torture. This is not valid. And I believe that this attitude helps a little with the dissolution of old contracts. 

8. Knees

If you tell a spiritual oriented human being, that you have problems with your knees, then you will often hear: "Ah, problems with humility." Result: compunction. After that for three days you might try to be humbler and then you forget it again.


Since this is little satisfactory, I found out another meaning of knee-problems: Whoever has knee-problems has been humiliated too much, was forced too much on the knees. Humiliation and fear is stuck in the energy-structure of the knees. Therefore, the knees tremble with fear.


I can see a sense in humility only to brake megalomania and the overestimation of terrestrial predominance. Often, humility is praised as good characteristic, but I rather would replace the word with the word "respect." If I respect my fellow men, if I respect everything around myself, if I respect, that there is still more beyond me, there might be no need to sink in humility.


Freedom and respect, these words harmonize together. Freedom and humility – that doesn’t sound so free to me. What do you  say?


Therefore, whoever wants to heal his knees should try that to understand this here. Then a healer can remove the humiliations and fears from the past lives. The healer should not be too religious, however, otherwise he cannot heal this (Religious healers have build in humility).


Generally, blockades in the legs and feet disturb the energy-flow downwards. The somber side troubles to install blockades there, specifically with people who bring a message. People, who would have to mediate something important from the soul-level to mankind, are kept away from ground-contact through blockades in the legs. So they cannot become established on the earth to pass on the message.


(Of course, there can be further interpretations for knee-problems)



9. Kidneys

Kidney-problems seem to be strongly joined with parents-problems (or with parents-substitute-persons). I came upon a particular topic with patients, that is: "My parents are my enemies." I don't want to claim, that this is always to be the assigned topic with kidney-problems, but it could be possible.


What I would like to say for those with kidney-problems:


It might be necessary to separate from your parents as much as possible and to execute as well energetic separations (with psychic healing). Please don't start to heal your parents. It could be that the inserted love will simply be sucked away. Equally like the money for the bank-rescue simply vanished. Therefore invest nothing else. Every energy you invest will possibly be sucked again. The beings behind your parents (parent) take care of it.


I don't claim that all kidney-problems are parent-problems.


10. Existence before first incarnation

At healing-sessions with some people, the importance arose of an existence before the first incarnation. I remember a woman, who experienced when she left the protected soul-area. She felt like expelled, unloved, tossed into the darkness. These feelings dominated probably many lives. Maybe we can call something similar a “base-karma”.


With other people, I could perceive that they performed a guardian angel's task before the first incarnation. Unfortunately, they could probably not guard their protégées from the darkness, however; I believe, from lack of experience (because only love and light is not enough, as I mentioned in other places). This defection and the corresponding compunction probably led to the first incarnation. The topic "Blame" then runs through many lives.


Generally, the beginning of the incarnations seems to be marked through a few specific feelings: "I did" something incorrectly, "I am worthless", "God has abandoned me " - "I am guilty and so on.